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Update details:
Download size = 5.7 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5460372
Dedi version = 66.0.1184
Dedi BuildID = 5462272

Lada Vesta is now free to play with 2 liveries, playable against WTCR car classes.
Prepared content for upcoming DTM 2020 competitions
Sounds - Cockpit cameras now feature backfire samples specific to the interior of the car, bringing extra life and vibrance.
Sounds - New lot of samples for backfires and made their patterns richer. Amount of backfire is car dependant and much more diverse than before.
Sounds - Brake disk whine samples volume is now affected by the brake disk temperature. New recordings of brake whines for GT cars.
Sounds - New fuel pumps samples
Sounds - New gravel sound samples.
Sounds - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - New sound recordings
Drag Reduction System and Push to Pass are now split in two unique control bindings
Added a key binding for FFB Multiplier, allowing to adjust this setting from inside the car.
Moved some old HUD overlays to the butterHUD system (Traction Control, Brake Bias)
Disabled the in-game screenshot capture system, as it caused conflicts with and was inferior in quality to Steam’s own screenshot capturing. Visit your Steam client settings menu to bind a key and select a folder for your screenshots.
Changed so the graphics_options.xml located in your Documents folder now contains variable names, making it easier to edit some settings through notepad.
Dedicated server - Scheduler - Improvements to handling of different time zones between browser and host machine
AI - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup + Sprint - Tweaks to improve their handling of slow turns
AI - DEKRA Lausitzring - Fixed AI braking later than the pit lane entrance gate.
AI - Dubai - Fixed some broken waypoint that was causing AI’s to stop driving
AI - Nordschleife - Calmed down some AI’s around the Adenauer forest.
Art - DEKRA Lausitzring - Fixed the sudden disappearance of certain track objects while sitting in the gravel in turns 8 and 10.
Art - Sachsenring - Updates to bring it to 2020 visuals.
Art - Spa-Francorchamps - Updates to bring it to 2020 visuals
Renamed Mazda Laguna Seca into Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Résumé :
La Lada passe en free to play, les sons d'ambiances sont amélioré, préparation de l'arrivée des DTM 2020, mise à jour des pub / art pour correspondre à 2020, mise à jour des AI sur certains tracé et portions de circuit.
Le P2P et le DRS ne sont plus assignable sur le même bouton
I am Groot !

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