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WTCR 2020 Car Pack

The WTCR 2020 Car Pack is out now!


Including the beautiful Renault Mégane RS TCR


As well as the new CUPRA Leon Competición


Plus d'infos ICI

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Watkings Glen

Salut ce matin, en allant sur le portfolio de Raceroom, je suis tombé sur des nouvelles capture du jeu et donc un nouveau circuit :


Watkins Glen (32) by RaceRoom Racing Experience, sur Flickr

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MAJ 25/02/2021

Update details:

Download size = 1.7 GB

Client version =

Client BuildID = 6291963

Dedi version = 72.0.1261

Dedi BuildID = 6291978


Fixed a case where the player could end up blocked upon trying to leave a server after finishing a race while other players are still not done.

Pit limiter - Made sure the game is more lenient towards the speed of a player car under AI control in the pitlane.

Sounds - Reduced volume of ground scraping effects by 4 dB.

Controllers - Added a profile for another variant of the Logitech G923

Aquila - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps

Audi TT cup - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps

BMW M6 GT3 - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps

Chevrolet Corvette Z06R GT3 - Reduced engine heating, increased radiator cooling

DTM 14/15/16 - Fixed tyre compounds disparity. All 3 seasons are now on the same hard compound base.

DTM 2020 - Increased trail and scrub radius

Formula RaceRoom 90 - Increased mechanical trail to 30mm, up from 17.5mm, Increased scrub radii, Rebalanced dampers (equalised front/rear usage splits)

Formula RaceRoom X-17 - 5 engine maps added

Group C car class - Set mechanical trail to 22.5mm, Rebalanced dampers equalised front/rear and high speed usage, Stopped overheating

GT1 car class - 5 engine maps added

GT2 car class - Balanced dampers high/low & front/rear

GT3 car classes - Reduced fuel use disparities across all car models

GT4 car class - Rebalanced dampers (equalised front/rear use splits),

KTM X-bow GT4 - Added 1 extra tooth to final drive ratio

Nissan Skyline Group A - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps

Volvo 240T Group A - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps

Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) - Attempt at fixing a tendency for the cockpit camera to end up offset on one side.

Porsche 911 RSR - Increased adjustment range for camber angles and spring selection

Porsche 934 RSR - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps

Porsche 964 Carrera - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps

Silhouettes car class - Increased mechanical trail, Raised roll centres, Increased anti-squat, Increased rear geometric camber gain, Re-balanced dampers for equal front/rear low/high balance

WTCC 2013 - Increased radiator cooling for all cars

WTCR car classes - Raised front damper high-speed threshold, lowered rear. Better bump absorption, tweaks to tyres to increase the pace drop off after the first 10% of wear

Aragon - Fixed a bad cut corridor detection in turn 3, Resolved overly strict T14 cut corridor, Nudged around some AI cut corridors to stop AI curb abuse

Bathurst - Tweaks to AI speed and raceline

Daytona Road Course - Reduced AI speed in the apex of turn 2, prevented AI from veering to one side during rolling starts

Hungaroring - Tweaks to AI’s raceline to reduce their tendency to abuse track limits.

Imola - Tweaks to AI’s raceline so they don’t run wide before the last turn

Norisring - Tweaks to AI’s lap 1 behaviour in T1 and T2.

Sepang - Fixed inconsistent cut corridor detections all around the track, fixed missing HUD maps.

Twin-Ring Motegi - Moved the spawn location of time attack and private qualifying sessions

Zolder - Moved the spawn location of time attack and private qualifying sessions

Fixed an issue with rolling starts in multiplayer where cars under AI control would try to avoid the car of a disconnected player ahead.

Fixed a bug in single player races where pressing “R” for instant replay during a race start procedure would result in a skipped first lap.

Fixed a dedicated server issue that wouldn’t report incident points for disconnected clients.

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